8-495-786-44-94     и     8-496-259-86-26
  • ЧСН

    ЧСН "Монолит".   Щелково-3,   улица Супруна,   дом 2 «Б»,   офис 11,    8-495-786-44-94   и   8-496-259-86-26.


  • Сбербанк с 06.08.19г. снизил ставки по ипотеке

    Теперь приобрести квартиры в новостройке можно по ставке от 7,6% годовых, а квартиру на вторичном рынке — от 9,1%.

    Снижение составило 0,5 п.п.

    Также на 0,2 п.п. увеличен дисконт для участников зарплатного проекта Сбербанка и составит 0,5 п.п. (ранее — 0,3 п.п.). Дисконт распространяется на готовое и строящееся жилье, загородную недвижимость, строительство жилого дома, покупку гаража и машино-места, нецелевой кредит под залог недвижимости.

    Минимальная ставка на приобретение готового жилья в ипотеку составит 9,1% годовых

    Суббота, 10 Август 2019 10:28
  • Снижение ставок по ипотеке в банке ВТБ

    С 1 августа 2019 года в банке ВТБ:


    1. Снижена базовая процентная ставка до 10,1% годовых (с учетом дисконта при условии комплексного страхования) 

    2.Снижена базовая процентная ставка до 9,20% годовых по программы «Ипотека для военных».   Увеличена максимальная сумма предоставляемого кредита до 2 570 000 рублей.

    3. Снижена ставка по продукту «Ипотека. Рефинансирование» при рефинансировании кредитов сторонних банков (не входящих в Группу ВТБ)  – от 9,7% годовых.

    4.Отменен дисконт 0,5% при приобретении объектов с общей/ проектной площадью приобретаемого объекта от 65 квадратных метров (включительно) до 100 квадратных метров.При приобретении объектов площадью  от 100 квадратных метров (включительно)  дисконт в размере 0,9%  сохраняется. Итоговая ставка -  от 9,2% годовых. Остальные параметры Программы «Больше метров – меньше ставка» остаются без изменения.

     Новые ценовые условия применяются по заявлениям-анкетам, принятым с 01.08.2019 г.

    Четверг, 01 Август 2019 15:53

Монолит - партнер СБ РФ


ЧСН Монолит - партнер СБ РФ


Core Elements For car insurance Around The Usa

Core Elements For car insurance Around The Usa

Affordable car insurance used to be tough to find. My strategy was to answer all the questions on the mock exams then immediately look for the correct answers. Forget contemplating claiming fuel, road tolls or fines if you are driving the hire car. The big brands like AXA and LV offer their car insurance products through comparison sites, and it is a quick and convenient way to buy cover from the company you are able to trust. The fact is, if you're waiting around for motor insurance companies to allow you to save money and spend less, I can guarantee it'll never happen.

It's very easy to get a quote after you fill out a and last names. All of such are factors in your risk of causing an accident and they will possibly affect how much you need to pay in order being covered. Most of the violation (if they are simply minor), may be avoided virtually a traffic school. If an incident happens then the people tries to exaggerate damages in claiming to the insurance organization in order to have additional compensation. Then again, additional circumstances, for example the model and make of one's car, or the sort of policy somebody purchases, might be manipulated favorably for the motorist in order to make certain lower rates on year vehicle insurance premiums. cheap auto insurance in Idaho

Getting insured to your car is just like a spaghetti junction - which way. If you're driving a Dodge Viper, expect to cover dearly for coverage on that sports machine. This is the reason why it is really important to suit your needs to look around to get the cheapest California car insurance. The best way to keep them low, though, is always to avoid accidents. Only use authentic automobile wax, a cushty cotton rag or possibly a buffing device, if you are able to afford a single for your car.

The economy is in a very rough patch and if you want to continue driving your car or truck, you need to get able to afford the insurance plan. This is really because these car insurers deal mainly in supplying insurance to new or young drivers, they're going to have excellent prices for you personally to sign upto, helping you to definitely enjoy the freedom to be able to drive. Different kinds of insurance provide pay for incidents and damage of various nature. -Physicians pressure you to file a personal injury claim even in case you weren't injured. They always make it happen because selling car insurance policy is a license to print money.

Insurance plan is basically something can enable you to to extract your failures, should disaster hit. According to car insurance companies, the speed or premium of coverage will depend on several factors including:. As previously mentioned, you are able to choose the maturity date which could coin cide with the phase once you need money the most. It's also helpful to know the approximate time period you've been insured with your current company -- you'll get a better quote if you haven't been switching around between companies. Third, try considering offers manufactured by independent car insurance agents but ensure that they've authority and sufficient credibility to handle these matters.